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Reasons Why Things to Know Before You Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Reasons Why Things to Know Before You Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Today, people have become more practical towards their gold asset, which has led to a rise in the sale of gold jewelry. People find gold jewelry as a great asset to monetize and arrange finances in times of need for cash. However, only a few possess proper knowledge about the valuation of gold, while others with minimal or no knowledge about the gold selling market, ends up getting very less money than what they expect and should get. Thus, it is always advisable to go for a certified and reputed buyer of gold ONLY to sell your gold jewelry.

Since more and more people are becoming aware of selling gold as an option for cash, there has been a vast increase in the number of gold traders, most of whom are neither expert nor have any sound knowledge about the gold market. 24 Karat offers its readers a list of the Most Important Things to know before you sell your gold jewelry:

Let Us Have A Look At The Various Methods Used By Various Buyers Of Gold To Test The Purity Of Gold

There are many ways through which one can test the purity of Gold. Some of them are highly scientific and accurate while the others are just age-old techniques that are much prevalent but don’t guarantee accuracy. Let us have a look at them one by one:

1. Touchstone Method:

This is the simplest and perhaps the oldest method to test the purity of Gold. Also, known as “Kasuti” in Hindi, this age-old technique this method makes the use of acids and thus, proper care must be taken to ensure the procedure is conducted safely. In this method, gold is tested by using a textured black stone which is very light. In this testing, the gold is rubbed on the black stone so that it leaves a yellowish scratch from gold on the surface of the black stone. The same is then done with a known gold item. Now, both the marks are applied with a small drop of test acid to observe. The reaction of acid on each mark is compared and the process is repeated with different Karat acid until a match is observed. This method is based on the fact that 24K gold resists all but the strongest acids. However, this method is completely inaccurate with no way to tell what the gold line on the “Kasauti” means.

2. Acid Technology:

The Acid test is the cheapest and mostly used method to test the purity of gold. It makes use of the Acid test kit which is easily available in the market. However, proper caution should be used while using Acid Testing Kits as the acid is very corrosive and toxic.In this method, Gold traders Place a small drop of acid to the surface of the item, and start the test with the lowest Karat acid first. The reaction is then observed and compared to a color reference chart which usually comes with the kit. The test is then compared with high a higher value Karat acid, if required until a subtle match is found. A brown stain is found if the old is genuine while in case of fake gild, it will leave a green stain on the metal or will give bubbling and sizzling indications.Since 14Kt Gold signifies 60% purity, 18Kt 75% purity and 22Kt 91% purity, it is almost impossible to say what happens to the values in between from 14kt to 22 Kt. After all, the difference is of at least a whopping 15%!

3. Karat Meter:

Karatmeter is the most scientific device used to measure the purity of Gold. It uses the X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF) and without a single doubt, gives the most accurate results. Due to its very high precision, X-ray analysis, this technique is even used as a part of the certification process used to hallmark gold. In this method, X-rays are passed through the tested item, which momentarily excites the material’s atoms. As a result, they first move into a higher energy state and then while returning to their ground state release radiation. These radiations are detected and read by the XRF.

Using this technique, the exact percentage by karat in a piece of jewelry can easily be found out in minutes without causing any damage to the jewelry. It gives 100% accurate result citing to the point composition value. Whether it is gold, white gold, this method is quick to give the composition of all that is tested through it.

Since this machine is very costly, only a few reputed buyers of gold use this. If you are looking for a Buyer of Gold that uses Karatmeter to test the purity of Gold, look no further than 24 Karat Gold.

We are the only buyer of gold in the entire Delhi NCR reason using this machine, because we are not here to fool people. For us, what’s more important is our generations old reputation, goodwill and the trust of our customers. We never use methods like touch stone or Acid Test as used by most of our competitors because we believe in keeping each and every transaction fair and transparent. Perhaps that is the reason for our renowned brand and high success in this industry.

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