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Silver prices could touch a 9-year high in 2023 with a bigger upside than gold

Silver prices could touch a 9-year high in 2023 with a bigger upside than gold

According to analysts and industry experts, silver prices may reach a nine-year high in 2023, surpassing gold in potential returns. While gold is often seen as the ultimate haven asset, the white metal has gained traction in recent years, with demand increasing for electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles.

Additionally, the ongoing economic uncertainty and the potential for inflation in the wake of the pandemic have led many investors to look towards silver as a potential hedge against market volatility. Silver prices are set to rise with a brighter outlook for the global economy, and investors are eyeing the white metal for potentially larger returns than gold.

Let's learn more about this situation in this post.

Will Silver Prices Soar High?

Silver prices may reach a nine-year high of $30 per ounce this year, surpassing gold prices. The last moment spot silver surpassed $30 per ounce was  February 2013, per Refinitiv's closing price information.

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According to analysts, limited silver supply and silver's inclination to perform better than gold during rising inflation are major factors supporting the prognosis.

Silver has typically produced returns of nearly 20% each year in years with high inflation. Given its historical performance and the relative affordability of silver compared to gold, it would not be surprising to see silver approach $30 per ounce this year, despite the likelihood of considerable resistance.

In 1980, even against an inflation rate of 13.5%, market silver prices reached a record high of $49.45, up from roughly $4 in 1976, when the inflation rate was more moderate at 5.7%.

Against a 6.5% inflation rate, the precious metal recently traded at $24.02 per ounce.

About The Silver Shortage

Silver is in low supply. Moreover, the available physical stocks kept in New York and London's physical hubs have decreased significantly more than with gold.

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In addition, silver shortages of further than 100 million ounces are also anticipated in the coming five years, driven by industrial demand. Silver is used to producing automobiles, solar panels, jewelry, and electronic devices.

The greatest component of silver demand is industrial, which accounts for about fifty percent of total demand, necessitating a base case silver price increase to $28, with a bullish scenario of silver prices above $30.

In the next five years, this demand may increase by more than 15 percent due to increased demand from the automotive and electronic industries.

No Ray Of Hope For Silver Supply

Analysts say we reached peak silver supply perhaps five or six years ago. Moreover, global silver output has declined, and less silver is being extracted from mines. The Silver Institute reports that the mine output of silver in 2022 was 843.2 million ounces. It was still below the decade's record of 900 million ounces in 2016.

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In general, silver production, mainly generated as a byproduct of lead-zinc, copper, and gold mining, does not adapt as fast to changes in demand.

When silver costs increase, silver mines cannot boost output because they only provide around 25% of the silver. Moreover, the market frequently turns to lead-zinc mines to meet the increased demand.

However, while it is not unexpected for silver to approach $30 per ounce, analysts do not believe this price will be prolonged. They propose that prices "remain well over $20 per ounce."

The Use Of Silver In Various Industrial Applications

The silver price tendency has been supported by the increasing industrial usage of the metal, which accounts for nearly half of its yearly demand. Silver is a versatile metal that is used in various industries, from electronics to medicine.

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Tangible silver demand peaked in 2021, lead by an all-time peak in industrial applications, as silver is the best electrical conductor. Thus, people usually use it it is frequently utilized in high-end applications. Based on the Silver Institute, consumption climbed by 9% to 508,2 million ounces.

Several developments drove higher silver demand, including robust consumer electronics demand with the shift to working remotely, development in 5G infrastructure, and increasing silver usage in the green economy, particularly in solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Is Investing in Silver In 2023 A Good Idea?

As a safe investment, silver performs similarly to gold. The reality that silver is both an industrial and investment metal has substantially affected its pricing history and prospects. People utilize silver in several goods, including jewelry, batteries, medical devices, and microcircuits. Moreover, it is also a payment method.

Silver is a wonderful tangible asset, unlike shares, bonds, etc., and therefore gives investors a feeling of security.

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Due to its minimal correlation with stocks, bonds, and other products, silver can also help to diversify a portfolio. The percentage of your portfolio that you ought to allocate to gold and silver varies based on the recommendations of financial professionals. But as a general guideline, you should allocate about 5 percent to commodities. Based on your unique investment objectives and time horizon, this proportion might be bigger or smaller.

The silver price has climbed substantially during the past century. Silver has historically been an effective inflation hedge over extremely long periods. Overall, whether investing in silver in 2023 is a good idea depends on your circumstances and the market's state. Researching and making informed decisions based on your financial goals and risk tolerance is important.

When To Sell Silver To Get Maximum Value?

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How To Sell Your Silver?

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