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What is your Silver Worth for

What is your Silver Worth for

The buying and selling of scrap or unwanted silver has become increasingly popular and easy for the people to participate. But the fundamental problem people often come across is that they are not aware of exactly what monetary value their silver hold and how much cash for silver they can get by selling? Let us have a look at the various parameters that can help you determine the worth of your Silver.

Parameters That Help Determine The Worth Of Your Silver:

Silver or Silver-Plated: The very step in determining the worth of your unwanted scrap is to ensure it is silver and not silver-plated. The Sterling silver objects contain 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper while silver-plated objects are purely metal with only a coat of silver. Honestly, the silver-plated objects hold no monetary value.

Weight: The value of silver is based on its weight. Therefore, the weight of your silver scrap ascertains the estimated market value of your silver. Worried about where to get your silver weighted and how to sell silver in Delhi? Visit us at 24Karat and we will assist you with all your requirements in selling your unwanted silver. We buy all silver items from silver bars to silver jewellery including coins, bangles, necklaces, rings, Cutlery, Silver tea sets, Silver bars and Silver Coins.

Purity: Another parameter that determines the value of your silver is its Purity. It is paramount that you know whether your silver is 999, 925, 950, etc. Most of the silver pieces, whether jewellery, coins or other items, are stamped with a number that represents their purity. The stamp of 925 indicates that the silver is 92.5% pure. The 925 represents 0.925 on the decimal system, where 1.0 = 100%.

Type of Collection: Evaluate deeply the kind of silver you have. The silver coins with rare dates and those in high end condition are obvious to fetch you more cash in comparison to the common or regular coins in the industry. Pay special care and attention while scrutinizing your scrap as it is very easy to overlook a rare coin amidst others.

Demand: Check if you possess a silver object that is popular among the antique collectors or the coin collectors or numismatists. Such collection can get you a premium over the worth. Remember, the more the demand, the more the price!

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