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What to Know About Selling Gold

What to Know About Selling Gold

Gold has been considered an intelligent investment since time immemorial. There also comes a time when you might have to sell your gold. You may sell it for financial purposes or to get money to buy some new gold in return. Regardless of the reasons, selling your gold is not something that can be done in a day. It requires research and knowledge regarding the subject. Do you know about karats? Are you aware of the current gold price in the market? Have you heard of the new ways to measure the value of gold?

Let us walk you through a few things. It would help you with some tips that will fetch you the best price for your gold.

How To Sell Gold In India

If you’re wondering how to sell gold onlineor how to sell gold in India, there are some pointers you should remember before you get down to business. Here are some tips that will help you to know how to sell gold online, in India or anywhere else:

Look up the Best Time to Sell Gold

The rules of supply and demand are such that if people want to invest in a commodity, the price of it automatically increases. The selling price of gold often increases when the economy is slightly unstable. It is considered a safer form of investment than other methods such as stocks and shares even to this date. Therefore, you should consider the economy before you decide to sell your gold.

In case you believe that times are about to get rougher, you must wait for slightly longer till the gold prices go up. Although it is difficult to make predictions about how and when the value and selling price of gold will rise or fall, keeping an eye on the market is imperative.

Do Your Research for Old Gold Selling Price

Suppose you heard of a place that gives you cash for your company. Think to yourself if this place will give you the best value for your gold. Do not just give in to hearsay and whispers. Do your research well and look around for places till you land upon a genuine and authentic name that has been around for years and offers the best price to its clients. You can also search for where to sell gold in Delhi without bill. Compare the prices online and in-person before selling your gold to a particular place.

Get the Selling Price of Gold

Always determine it for yourself first as to what is the old gold selling price. Go to a high street jeweller or let them assess to see the worth of your gold according to the current prices. After that, send your gold to the place you wish to sell it to so that they can tell you the cash value of what they would give you. In case they quote a price lower than what you deserve, you will know not to sell your gold to them.

Negotiating and Haggling Help

The gold jewellery you are selling is probably precious to you, not just in terms of numbers, but also memories. Therefore, the least you can do for yourself is to ensure you get a reasonable price on it. Look around at stores and online platforms and ask how much each place is willing to pay you for your gold. If they quote a price too low, be sure to negotiate and haggle till you arrive at the price you deserve for your gold.

Do not be afraid to inform a place about the other names in the area that are offering you a better price. The possibility of missing out on good quality gold often makes people turn around and reconsider their offer.

How to Sell Gold Online

If you are in a hurry or don’t live somewhere with many gold buyers around, you can also turn to sell your gold online. If the question of how to sell gold online makes you a little apprehensive or iffy, then you should not worry about anything at all because selling gold online is much more common now. Visit the online platforms that provide cash in exchange for gold.

The best thing about selling gold online is looking up reviews and testimonials from other clients and customers. Positive reviews give you the hope you need to go forward with a place, and negative reviews save you from any hassles you could face in the future. Therefore, make sure to read as many reviews online as possible before deciding whom to sell your gold online.

See the Value of the Whole Item

Buyers of gold are primarily interested in your gold jewellery rather than the precious stones or gems attached to the gold in question. For instance, certain companies discard the precious gems attached to your gold jewellery. By doing so, they reduce the value of your gold. Consequently, they end up giving you much less than what you deserve.

On the other hand, branded or high fashion jewellery is usually worth more. This is the case if it is kept as a whole than if given away for melting. You should appropriately assess such items before selling them off.


Selling gold is a sensitive matter. Thus, you must do your research before settling for a buyer you want to sell your gold to. We, at 24Karat, understand how tricky it can be to find an original name. Hence, we assure you of the most transparent services and deals you can possibly get.

Our German Karat Meter Machine is one of its kind. It measures the value and worth of your gold, and you are paid accordingly. We have several branches in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. Find the branch nearest to you and visit us to get the best value for your gold.

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