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How to sell gold without bill

How to sell gold without bill

One of the biggest problems that old gold owners face when they try to sell their possessions is where to sell gold in Delhi without a receipt. Not many old buyers accept gold items without a bill and they have got their reasons. However, there are few reliable cash against gold outlets near me where you can sell your old gold in Delhi.

Many times, we have old gold that was gifted or inherited and has no bill attached. Even if we bought some gold, there are chances that we lost the receipt while moving homes or cleaning the clutter. In case you are dealing with such a problem where you want to sell gold but can’t because you do not have a bill, 24 Karat can help you

We Buy Old Gold Without Bill:

Selling old gold resolves a number of problems including financial crunch or return on investment. But, not many people know how to sell gold without bill. Well, it is no rocket science and we at 24 Karat accept your old gold items even when you do not show up without a receipt. We offer you the best price even when you do not have an original bill to show.

How 24 Karat Can Help You Sell Old Gold Without The Receipt?

The primary reason a buyer of gold asks for a receipt is to check whether the gold is pure and what was the buying price. Many buyers of gold might even ask you for a lower payment as you do not have a document to authenticate your purchase of the yellow asset. However, we aren’t the ones.

At 24 Karat, we are one of the most professional and skilled teams of old buyers of gold in Delhi that can know the value of your gold and its credibility by doing a test. All our executives are trained to assess gold items for their purity and offer the best quotes to our clients.

We Also Accept Other Precious Metals:

There are more reasons we are the most popular cash against gold stores near me. One of the reasons is that we also buy other precious items including diamond, silver . In case you have something that is worth a price, you must visit one of our stores and get cash for its value

It is important that you get the exact worth of your valuables and at 24 Karats, we offer you the same. Our expert team of representatives evaluates your belongings and offers you the exact & worth value of the objects. There are no hidden charges and we pay you money for what you sell to us.

24 Karat is the place where we accept all types of old, broken, and without-receipt gold. We offer you instant payment in a number of payment modes including cash, cheque, RTGS, NEFT, and more. Visit our store today and avail the best services in Delhi-NCR because we are the best old buyer of gold in the region.

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