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The Scrap Gold Secret Unfolds

The Scrap Gold Secret Unfolds

Scrap Gold refers to the process of recycling the gold items that are no longer wanted. It can be in any form, Unused jewellery, gold coins or bars, gold watches, etc. In the recent years, recycling gold has emerged as a potentially large industry, driven by the changes in the price of gold and the global economic environment. Gold is the most sought after metal because of its‘assured value’ and ‘anytime liquidity’ and India is the world’s heaviest gold-buying nation.

Scrap Gold Prices

The price of gold changes daily and reflects the current gold price in the country.It is to be noted that the price that will be offered for you jewellery will be lower than the current gold market price because of the significant cost involved in converting the gold items into raw gold material and also because of the fact that the craftsmanship is not assessed while ascertaining the value of your scrap.

What Scrap Items Hold Value?

Anything that is made up of gold has a scrap value. The Gold Ornaments; including Gold Rings, Gold Bracelets, Gold Chains and even the Unused Jewellery; The Gold Bars/Coins and Silver Coins, Watches and other Gold items hold a scrap value. It is to be noted that more the purity of gold, more would be the scrap value. It is obvious that 24 karat pure gold will yield a far higher price than the 9 karat gold but we’re interested to deal in all. You can always check the live Gold / Silver Rates on our website which is updated regularly to provide you with the latest rates.

How Is The Scrap Valued?

At 24 Karat, We give great value of your gold and silver assets. Whenever a scrap is brought, it is weighed and tested for purity right in front of the customer in a very short time period. A nominal fee is taken for refining it.

Where To Sell The Scrap Gold?

People often have small gold ornaments that are unfashionable or Unused and seem to be not worth anything. But actually they are! Even the smallest of the pieces can make you earn a surprising amount. So, what are you waiting for, if you have any such piece of Gold, bring it to us and we can turn your gold scrap into cash. We, 24Karat offer Cash against Gold, Silver, and Diamond. Let your asset work for you.

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