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Tips to sell your used diamond jewellery for cash

Tips to sell your used diamond jewellery for cash

Do you have some diamond jewellery that is lying in the box for years and has never been worn? Are you looking for the best place to sell diamond jewellery? Your search ends at ‘24 karat’. Whether you want to exchange your gold/diamond jewellery for cash or you want to sell gold coins for cash, we are always at your service offering you with fantastic prices. We are the leading diamond buyers in Delhi and NCR who can help you sell your precious diamond jewellery for cash.

Here are some tips to consider before selling your pre-loved diamond jewellery:

Know the value of your diamond:

Before you actually go about selling your diamond, try to get the exact picture of its quality and authenticity. You may take the opinion of a qualified appraiser to know about the various characteristics and best value of your diamond. You may even consult two to three shops for further opinions to have a solid idea of the value of your stone.

Ascertain a realistic price:

Expecting an unrealistic price for your diamond may lead to disappointment and sometimes, even to incorrect decisions also. Look out for best value of your stone under the specific market conditions, price and pricing strategies. Follow the current market trends and ascertain the potential resale value of your diamond.

Explore various selling options:

Opting for a particular buyer for your diamond jewellery is not at all easy. A buyer with a good reputation, deep domain knowledge and expertise of the market of buying diamond for cash can be trusted. The best advantage of selling to a reliable and trusted buyer is that you are definitely going to save on time without any fuss and get the best price offered for your diamond.

Get emotionally ready to part with your beloved diamond:

People often look at a diamond with an attitude of “Diamond is forever’ and it is only under adverse circumstances that they opt to sell their beloved jewellery. Since, diamonds often have memories of love and passion attached; you may even include your sentimental value while expecting the price for your jewellery but this might not hold true for a potential buyer.We understand that selling your pre-loved diamond is a difficult decision to make but they are only material things that can work for you in your hard times and thus, you should well be emotionally ready to part with them.

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