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Unique Gold Jewellery Trends to Try This Diwali

Unique Gold Jewellery Trends to Try This Diwali

Diwali as a festival is full of lights. You need to keep up with all the glitz and brightness in the atmosphere around you. Gold jewelry is just what you need this Diwali to add to the glamour in your outfits. However, 2019 brings a lot of changes in the fashion of gold jewelry. A few of these trends have been revived from the past, here, inspirations were taken from decades ago. On the other hand, contemporary styles are taking over too. There are numerous occasions to dress up and wear jewelry during Diwali. Follow these different trends to be a class apart and look exquisite this Diwali.

Delicate, Structured And Geometric Earrings

Every woman has had a close attachment to earrings at some point in her life. They have been a staple for Indian women for centuries and add an element of sophistication to any outfit. This Diwali swap your gorgeous jhumkas for something a little more contemporary. Geometric earrings that feel delicate to touch are all the rage in 2019. These earrings add subtlety to your outfits and give you a minimalistic look. And of course, you can recycle them and wear them with any outfit!


Do you have several gold necklaces and cannot decide which one to go for? Wear them all! This festive season strategically layers your necklaces (of different lengths, of course) to achieve a rather trendy yet regal look

Head Jewelry Or Maangtikas

Gone are the days where maangtikas or maangpattis were considered extravagant or unnecessary. If you are not comfortable with the traditional heavy headpieces, you can go for more current designs. These designs are lightweight and delicate and will be adding a unique traditional element to your style.

Stacked Bangles

If you are not one for layered necklaces, try stacking up bangles around your wrist. Different widths of bangles paired together will instantly make your outfits more festive and unique. Bangles are no strangers to traditional Indian jewelry. However, adding this modern twist to your accessories will go a long way.


Do you love having jewelry decorate your neck? Yet, not a fan of long heavy designs? Chokers may be your best bet this festive season. These sophisticated items have made a comeback, and they never fail to add to your festive looks. With numerous variations available in choker widths and sizes, you are bound to find one that fits your criteria. You can also use chokers while layering to add more dimensions to your accessories.

Diwali is an auspicious festival that brings joy and brightness to everyone’s lives. Gold jewelry holds a lot of importance in this festival. Diwali calls for jewelry shopping. Exchange your old gold jewelry for cash instantly from 24Karat. Then, use this cash to go buy the trendiest jewelry this Diwali. Visit 24Karat today and get instant cash for the gold that you have. Adorn yourself with new and stylish gold jewelry this Diwali. Gold will never go out of style. So, buy the latest styles in gold and enjoy the festive season.

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