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What are the Best Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2019

What are the Best Wedding Jewellery Trends for 2019

Bridal jewellery is the key element of a bride’s look which enhances her looks and takes her beauty to another level! Bridal jewellery is made from different stones or metals like gold, diamonds, silver, Kundan, emerald studded pieces, ruby, etc. However, the old-style Indian wedding jewellery is mainly made from gold. Nevertheless, due to differences in choices and tastes, people today make all the things in mind while selecting the metal. Let’s go through some of the best jewellery trends of 2019.

Any wedding is incomplete without doing shopping for the bridal Jewellery because this is the key component of any bridal transformation. In each wedding season, different Indian wedding jewellery trends are showed in the Jewellery shops that have become very popular amongst the modern brides. However, if you wish to try something out-of-the-box, then you should know the best gold and diamonds jewellery trends and buy wedding jewellery accordingly where you can have a lot of alternatives to select from.

• Diamonds – Bride’s Best Choice Forever

If you know the best gold and diamonds jewellery trends, you must know that Diamonds is the jewellery trend in India which has been working well since many years, of wearing diamonds in the wedding. Brides nowadays want to wear diamond earrings and necklaces for their reception while the diamonds dazzle in the light. If you go for the diamond jewellery, always select delicate designs which you can wear in others’ weddings also.

• Ethical Engagement Rings

When comes to following the best Indian wedding jewellery trends, you just can’t ignore the importance of ethical engagement rings! For a socially aware future bride, the ethical engagement ring is a ‘must have’ and gratefully there are many beautiful, stunning yet affordable options available. There are jewellery companies that deal with fair trade gold as well as vintage jewels and diamonds to make engagement rings.

• Antique Temple Jewellery

You ask any South Indian about what are the best jewellery trends of 2019 and mostly they will reply ‘Temple Jewellery’ with a vintage finishing. Temple jewellery is heavy and mainly made from gold, having expensive stones in green and red. The majority of them feature key ideas of goddesses and have a tendency to be complex pieces, with days of labour. Temple jewellery looks majestic when worn with a Kanjeevaram Silk Saree!

• Maharani Style Multi-Layered Necklace

Maharani style multi-layered necklace is inspired by ancient jewelleries. It’s a perfect combination of tradition and fashion. This antique and beaded set serves the patterned elegance. Jewellery is a crucial part of the bridal wear and it would provide you enormous feelings of being a special one on the most precious day!

• Mathapatti Jewellery

Mathapatti Jewellery is again a traditional way to wear bridal jewellery. The beauty of a bride isn’t completed without a whole range of Mathapatti. It is entrenched with the sparkling stones and gets inspired from the Mughals way which provides a graceful look to the new bride. It’s Indian jewellery which adds sparkle to your head.

• Necklaces With Double-Stranded Thickness

The Nizams of Hyderabad were well-known for their double-stranded pearls and you can say that this trend is still trending in the year 2019 Indian wedding jewellery trends. Whenever you wear a Necklace with Double-Stranded Thickness, you don’t need to worry about the people notice you because they will for sure! However, you need to moderate the overall amount of jewellery that you wear or else the effects would be extravagant! So, concentrate on getting a perfect signature piece if you love necklaces.

• Multi-Layered Necklace

Multi-layered necklace generally has in excess of four layers that offer the wearer imperial looks. Multi-layer necklaces are made with Kundan, pacchi, mirror work, pearl, and stone. It looks stunning with Sarees as well as other wedding outfits like a lehenga. This necklace is mainly worn by celebrities

• Sabyasachi Bridal Choker

From modern to classic and from old-style to fashionable, all come under one roof with Sabyasachi Bridal Choker. It’s the most sacred jewellery of the year. No matter if it is a Gujarati bride or a Punjabi, Sabyasachi Bridal Choker is a perfect match for any bride! Its royal looks and fashionable design will surprise everybody.

What If You Have Old Jewellery And You Want To Use Them To Buy New Bridal Jewellery?

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