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When is the right time to sell my gold for cash

When is the right time to sell my gold for cash

The unexpected rise in Gold Prices during the festival of lights this year has given an altogether new life to the market of unwanted jewellery – Yes, you guessed it right! The perfect time to sell your wanted gold for cash is NOW!

Well, with almost all the gold ever mined still around in the world in one form or the other, recycling has been the major medium of supply of Gold. Gold prices are sensitive to the movements in U.S. and a stronger U.S. dollar usually weighs on gold. Currently, the gold prices have recovered after the biggest weekly drop this year and this is why, it’s just the perfect time for selling gold jewellery.

More than 1/3rd of the world supply of this precious metal comes from recycling it and this recycling sentiment is directly proportional to the price of gold. Currently, as the price of gold is heading towards a substantial gain, more and more people are coming forward to dig deep into their closets and bringing out all the unwanted jewellery or gold coins they have.

There are various cash against gold companies available these days and people really find it difficult to decide which one to actually go for selling their unwanted gold jewellery for cash. Everyone wants to deal with trusted, reliable and authentic dealer only. If you are also looking for such a buyer for your unwanted jewellery or coins, 24 KARAT is the place for you.

24 KARAT is India’s leading trusted Gold, Silver & Diamonds Buyer in Delhi NCR. We take special care in testing and evaluation of gold. Our usage of the latest technology via Karatmeter – the most expensive method to test the accuracy of gold, ensures that our clients get the most of the value of their assets. We have a wide presence with different – different outlets in Delhi NCR and a team of certified professionals who have extensive experience in jewellery industry. We are proud to be honest, fair and transparent in all our dealings and treat all our customers with due respect that they deserve. We are open 6 days all through the week.

Visit us with the unwanted piece of your precious metal and we would be happy to help you.

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