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Are you getting the best value for your gold

Are you getting the best value for your gold

With the gold prices as a high as they are, and a number of companies claiming to pay the most for your gold and silver, it is very difficult to choose which one is the highest-paid buyer of gold? We, at 24 Karat, not only pay the highest prices for gold and silver but even guarantee it. We are a company with almost 50 years of legacy in the market with 100% focus on customer satisfaction and business ethics. We have the current prices posted and updated on our website and have the quickest “cash in hand” processing. Our highly trained staffs are both industry expert and customer service oriented.

To ensure that you’re getting the best value for your gold, take care of the following tips:

1. Keep the Jewellery of Different Karats Separate: Before you actually reach out to a buyer to see your gold, separate your jewellery by the karat value. Weighing the different karat value jewellery together can end you incur losses.

2. Have knowledge of the Current Gold Prices: Keep yourself updated with the current market price for gold before you sell. That’s not the price you’re going to get, but it will give you a good basis for evaluating offers and get instant money for your gold.

3. Know Your Buyer: Know your buyer in advance. A buyer with a good reputation, deep domain knowledge and expertise of the market of buying gold, silver, and diamond for cash can be trusted.

4. Be Realistic: Remember to acknowledge the fact that you will be offered a price lower than the current gold market price because of the significant cost of converting the gold items into raw gold material and also because of the fact that the craftsmanship is not assessed while ascertaining the value of your gold.

5. Bring Your I.D.: To prevent money laundering and sale of stolen gold, the buyers of Gold are required by law to ask sellers for government-issued identification (a photo ID and an address proof). If you’re not asked to identify yourself, get warned. You’re in the wrong place!

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