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Can gold regain its luster as Indian wedding season ramps up jewelry demand

Can gold regain its luster as Indian wedding season ramps up jewelry demand

Gold has always been an integral part of Indian culture and a symbol of wealth and prosperity. The Indian wedding season, which typically runs from November to January, is when gold jewelry demand is at its peak. However, in recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the gold market. Hence, this resulted in a decline in demand and prices. With the Indian wedding season approaching once again, the question on everyone's mind is whether gold can regain its luster and meet the renewed demand for gold jewelry.

In this post, we will check if the gold market in the upcoming wedding season improves and whether the yellow metal can make a comeback.

Indian Weddings & Gold Jewellery

Indian weddings and gold jewelry are two inseparable elements strongly associated with each other. Weddings in India are celebrated with grandeur and extravagance. Moreover, the bride and the groom are adorned with exquisite gold jewelry. In fact, gold has a significant place in Indian culture. Also, it symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.

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 In India, there are approximately 20 million weddings annually. Although no two marriages are identical, they all share one feature: gold, and plenty of it. A significant portion of the precious metal can impact the global price of gold.

In actuality, no Indian wedding is incomplete with gold. No matter your financial status,  you will continue to own gold proportional to your status. And since this is a day for flaunting your prosperity, money, and material possessions, the quantity of gold the bride and her family wears is crucial.

In addition, Indian brides take jewelry to a new level of extravagance by adorning themselves with costly hair ornaments, nose rings, rings, necklaces, earrings, and amulets. Moreover, this custom fuels the country's intense appetite for gold.

India's Never-Ending Love For Gold

According to the World Gold Council, India is the second-largest consumer of gold globally (only behind China), purchasing around 800 and 1,000 tonnes of the precious metal annually. India spent a whopping $55.7 billion on gold imports in 2021, possibly fueling this enormous demand for jewelry.

The demand for gold jewelry in India surges during the wedding season. According to a survey by the World Gold Council, 50 percent of gold demand in India stems from weddings, which need a great deal of jewelry. In addition to weddings, gold is widely utilized in religious and cultural events. It is deeply interwoven in India's economic and cultural fabric, frequently representing wealth and rank.

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Can India Alone Push The Gold Prices?

Gold has large seasonal fluctuations over a year. Moreover, it is mainly used in India and China, which use it for cultural and religious purposes. Furthermore,  November to February is a solid period for the precious metal, coinciding with the Indian wedding season.

Then, there is a second surge in May, around the occasion of the Akshaya Tritiya, among the most auspicious days in the Hindu and Jain religion, said to be "the third day of unending prosperity." This causes a tremendous quantity of gold purchasing. In October, around the time of Dhanteras, the celebration of wealth, there was a second increase in gold sales.

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This has prompted investors to ponder if India alone might push gold prices, particularly at this unstable period when the yellow metal is under pressure from increasing interest rates. This results in India surpassing the United Kingdom to become the world's fifth-largest economy and August's services PMI reading exceeding expectations at 57.2.

This subject comes mostly from the upcoming wedding period in India, which has sparked speculation about how high gold rates will increase then.

Despite UN sanctions and subsequent criticisms from several other nations, China and India have continually imported gold from Russia. This has considerably boosted prices, which you can anticipate to continue in the next months.

Nevertheless, the US Federal Reserve has strongly indicated that it would raise interest rates by a third straight 75 basis points in September. Hence, it will significantly limit gold's gains owing to India. Therefore, India's imports may not be sufficient to keep the precious metal, which is highly susceptible to rate rises, over the long term.

Is Investing In Gold For The Long-Term The Right Option?

Yes, gold investment for the long-term is the right option because:

1. Diversification: Investing in gold provides diversification in a portfolio, which can help reduce risk and volatility.

2. Inflation hedge: Gold has historically served as an inflation hedge, as its value tends to rise during periods of high inflation.

3. Store of value: People have valued gold for centuries as a store of value and a means of preserving wealth.

4. Safe haven asset: During economic or political uncertainty, gold often seems like a safe haven asset as investors seek to protect their wealth. At times of emergency need for cash, you can use your old gold jewelry to sell and get cash in return.

5. Limited supply: Gold is a finite resource, and its supply is limited. This scarcity can increase its value over time.

6. Global demand: Gold is in demand worldwide, which helps support its value and liquidity.

7. Portfolio protection: Gold can act as portfolio protection during market downturns, providing a hedge against losses in other asset classes.

8. Wealth preservation: Gold can be a long-term investment option for preserving wealth and providing financial security.

In an emergency, gold can be a practical solution to obtain funds quickly. You can look for a place to sell gold near me or visit a jewelry store, pawnshop, or gold buyer. However, before selling your gold, it is essential to research and compares different buyers to get the best price. Also, ensure your gold has an appraisal to know its actual value before selling it.

If you are searching for where to sell gold in Gurgaon, then you can opt for 24Karat, which can provide the best value on your gold jewelry.


Indian weddings and gold jewelry seem two intertwined elements that have a deep-rooted connection in Indian culture. Despite the challenges, the gold industry has shown resilience and adaptability in the past. It may regain its luster during the Indian wedding season. Gold has a significant cultural and emotional value in India. Hence, it is likely to remain an important part of the country's wedding traditions and customs.

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