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Gold And Silver Buyer South Extension

24Karat: Your Trusted Gold & Silver Buyer in South Extension

Are you looking for a way to turn your gold into instant cash that you can use elsewhere? If your answer is a yes, then South Delhi is a perfect destination for you! Selling gold is accompanied by several different reasons. Whatever be your reason, a good way to start is to find a trusted and reliable buyer of gold in South Ex. South Delhi is a popular part of Delhi, where you will find plenty of shops for every single commodity.

A busy street at all times

South Delhi has the best of markets that you can find in the Delhi region. It is located on the Ring Road and falls just east of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences or AIIMS. The markets of South Ex are closed on Mondays of every well. While all the days are hectic and the markets are always bustling and lit, Sunday is undoubtedly the day when the street is maximum crowded.

There are various high fashion brands as well as restaurants of all types situated on the road. Being the perfect market, it is best to sell gold silver in South Extension of Delhi to fetch the best prices.

How To Reach South Extension

South Extension

Ground Floor, Building No. N-1 Under South Extension Flyover Red Light, Opposite - HDFC Bank, Next To Canara Bank, New Delhi - 110049

South Extension

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Finding a buyer of gold in South Ex that fits your needs perfectly

Since South Ex is such a popular hub, there are ample outlets for almost everything that you can think of! However, the question that arises is- can all of them be trusted? The answer is No! Therefore, if you are looking for where to sell gold in South Delhi, you will have to find several local options that might fulfill your needs. All these buyers might not be genuine, though! So, what do you do?

Where to sell gold in South Delhi?

When it comes to looking for a buyer of gold in South Ex, 24Karat is the best choice that you can make. This is because we are known as a leading brand in the market, having 50 years of legacy in this sector when it comes to buying gold and silver items. At our outlet, you will find professional experts waiting to guide you through the procedures involved in selling your gold. All your items will be checked for purity using accurate and well-calibrated instruments, and then, you can get instant cash against your gold or silver items. Therefore, visit the outlet of 24Karat in South Ex today and exchange your gold for cash safely.