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How to Choose the Best Place to Sell Gold

How to Choose the Best Place to Sell Gold

Do you have broken, old or unwanted gold with you? Are you in search of a trusted and reliable buyer of gold in Gurgaon who can provide you the best value in exchange of your gold? If yes,24 Karat, is the place for you! 24 karat is a company having a legacy of almost 50 years in the market with 100% focus on customer satisfaction and business ethics.We neither impose any confusing terms and conditions nor any hidden charges. We believe in the clarity of the deals with simple, safe and secure buying.

Let us have a look at the various expert opinions on “How to choose the best place to sell your gold”:

1. Know your buyer: Before deciding upon a particular buyer for your gold, carry out some preliminary research. A buyer with a permanent location, good reputation and expertise in the market of buying and selling of gold can be trusted.

2. Ask for an Estimate first: Before you actually exchange your gold to cash, asks the buyer to evaluate your gold and give you the quote. Only when you are satisfied with the evaluation process and the quote, give your consent to sell. At 24 Karat, we analyse your gold right in front of your eyes with the latest technology, KARATMETER. While we try our best to provide you with the highest quote for your gold, we will never pressurize you to sell.

3. Check for any fees for Evaluation: Check with the buyer for any fees they charge for evaluating your gold. At 24 Karat, we don’t charge any fee for the whole valuation process. However, we do have nominal testing charges.

4. Keep up with the prices of Gold: Make sure that you have the knowledge of the latest spot prices of gold while you go to sell your gold. Although this is not the price you will get for your gold, but it will act as a base for evaluation the quote given by the buyer.

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