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India the Land of Exclusive Jewellery Designs

India the Land of Exclusive Jewellery Designs

India has always been known as the land of jewels. In India, the art of jewelry making has witnessed another dimension over the years. People here are well versed with jewels and jewellery designing. And, a few are so significant that you can tell just by the look of it which jewelry type one is checking out.

Raw Materials Behind Beautiful Jewelry

The jewelry in India is designed using a number of raw materials. Apart from using different raw materials, the craftsmanship and designing abilities of those in the field here are highly appreciated across the globe.

There are various precious raw materials like gold, silver diamond, and platinum that are used. And, gems like rubies, emeralds, turquoise, opal, etc. are commonly used too. Apart from the standard jewelry types, there is antique jewelry which is highly popular among a certain class of people.

Every Region Has Its Characteristic Jewelry

Having a rich culture and heritage, various regions of India are popular for different types of jewelry. Jaipur has been known for jewelry with Meenakari work using enamel to create delicate designs since the royal times. On the other hand, states like Orissa and Andhra Pradesh are popular for filigree work made from silver. Kundan jewelry is mostly associated with places like Delhi.

Temple Jewelry: A Thing Of Beauty

Temple jewelry is a common element of art for various dancers practicing Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Kuchipudi, and many other dance forms. Generally, the temple jewelry is a perfect fusion of gold, green and red colors, marking the aesthetics of Indian goddesses. The entire set that is worn by the dancers includes necklaces in various sizes, gorgeous earrings, anklets and different jewelry pieces for feet, hip, waist, and arms. Bangles of various sizes and types are also worn by them

Antique Is In Demand Too!

Antique jewelry is in high demand not just by the people in India, but foreigners too love the antique jewelry sold here. Tourists often carry different types of antique jewelry as souvenirs from India back to their lands. Though the Antique jewellery is also made from metals like gold and silver, it carries a characteristic dull appearance, which makes it even more authentic

The Royalty Still Exists

Jewelry with Meenakari and Kundan work is very much appreciated here. It is since the times of Kings and Queens that this type of jewellery has been displaying the exemplary art and brilliant craftsmanship of those in the field of jewelry making. Northern parts of India are very popular for this type of jewellery. Intricate designs such as motifs of nature like plants, animals, and flowers using enamel paint, beautiful stones, and few characteristic colors are made and sold. Chokers, thick bangles and necklaces are very common in these designs. One may easily find designs with peacocks, elephants, fishes, etc. on these jewelry pieces.

Investing In The Right Jewelry

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