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Sell gold jewellery for Cash on the Spot

02 Jun 2018

Do you have some gold, silver, diamond or platinum items that are no more in use? Bring them down to us at 24 Karat. We are pioneers in buying new and old gold, silver, diamond and platinum items like Jewellery, Coins/bars, etc. At 24 Karat, we pride ourselves to be one of the most trusted gold buyers offering the top market prices for CASH on the spot on a daily basis. We are the best answers to your questions like “I want to sell gold in Noida, where should I sell?”

Our main objective is to provide our customers the highest quality of Service, Skills and Knowledge so that our customers are totally satisfied. Our 50 years of legacy in this market and the reputation as the “highest paid gold buyer” gives you the confidence to trust us. We are quick and fair in our proceedings and are sure that our easy and transparent procedure of turning your gold into cash will leave you more confident and happy.

Gold has always been a precious metal. Let your own gold work for you. Whether you need to sell your gold in difficult times or want to enjoy your holidays with that cash or want to buy new jewellery, we are there you help you with.  Selling to us is very easy without any complications and hidden charges. All you need to do is just visit us and our experience professionals will analyse your items on the spot right in front of your eyes through the latest evolution technique, KARATMETER, providing you with the highest quote. Only once you are satisfied with the quote, you would be asked to sell. In no circumstances will you be forced to sell against your wish. We believe in promoting simple, safe and secure buying.

We understand that you must be looking for a worthwhile return for your gold. Do visit us to live the experience of selling at the most competitive prices and get the assured value of your item for Cash On Spot!

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