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What to keep in mind while buying gold jewellery during Diwali

What to keep in mind while buying gold jewellery during Diwali

Diwali is around the corners and the majority of people would be planning to buy golden jewellery or coin on the eve festival. This trend has been in India for ages as Indians consider gold auspicious and a strong investment tool, too. But, while buying gold jewellery one needs to keep several factors in the mind so that they get better returns when sell old gold.

Shoppers should focus more on the investment aspect of gold as it could give a handsome return even at the time of the financial crisis. You can easily get cash for silver and gold coins if reached the best buyer of gold in Delhi.

Here are five very important tips you should take a note of while buying this Diwali-

Hallmark Of Gold-

Hallmark is an important feature of jewellery that shows their originality. Around 30% of gold jewellery is hallmarked and the majority of this 30% of gold jewellery have high value and the rest are low-value items.

When you purchase gold jewellery, you should ensure your item has the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark. Whether it is a bangle, a necklace or a ring, it should have this kind of identification mark.

BIS hallmark ensures that the gold is pure and high in terms of quality. It also signifies the percentage of gold in gold jewellery.

Hallmark consists of specific numbers engraved on the jewellery with BIS stamp. It also displays a special mark that would help identify the jeweller from which you are buying the ornament. It also comprises the year of hallmark. You also check for the sign while you purchase gold jewellery.

Price Of Gold Per Gram-

When you buy gold jewellery, don’t make a decision based on the final price of gold jewellery, but also check the price of gold per gram. It is better to look for the price before buying gold jewellery.

The Accurate Amount Of Gold You Want To Buy-

You should know that the pricing composition of gold jewellery is indeed complicated. While buying the gold jewellery, you have to pay per gram price as well as for wastage which is diverse for every ornament. Though, this is calculated by the jeweller.

This is not the end, the jeweller will also ask for making charges of the jewellery. So, while buying gold jewellery, you do consider the exact price of gold that you will have on buying a jewellery piece.

The Gold Resell Terms-

Another factor that is considered while buying jewellery is the reselling price of gold. Again, make research for this and look at the resell value of gold of the last few days. You can assess the resell value of gold this way.

The majority of jewellers give the pledge of buying gold jewellery back at the existing rate. With this, you must ensure that you will not get back the making charge or wastage amount. You must know all these things before you purchase expensive gold jewellery.

Also, you should know the buy-back policy of the jeweller that will help you evaluate the resell price when you’re reselling your jewellery. Ask about their buy-back period so that you would be aware of the best time to return the jewellery if you want to do so.

Who Is The Best Buyer Of Gold In Delhi?

You may come across several buyers of gold in Delhi when searching online, but you would like to pick the best one.

Their gold evaluation process is quickest and most transparent. It is done with the help of a German technology that is being used by top-notch gold jewellery sellers.

To get cash for silver and gold coins , this is the best evaluation technique to rely upon.

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