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Why Gold Price is Increasing

Why Gold Price is Increasing

In Indian tradition, gold is among the most valued metals. No significant occasion passes by without using this element, from celebrations to marriages to anniversaries. Indian temples are known for their new and antique gold statues, which are well-protected against theft and burglary. Most Indians regard gold as a valuable investment that can be utilized in the event of economic difficulty.

Gold has been playing up to its reputation for a long time, but it has recently begun to lose its luster. Gold prices are decreasing, and as a result, clients have purchased the commodity in the hopes of reaping significant rewards when the value of gold rises.

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Factors That Affect Gold Rate in India

Let's look for some of the most significant elements that influence gold's value.

#1 Inflation

Gold has a tremendous value used to buffer inflation because of its virtually constant character when contrasted to currencies. That's why gold is preferred over currency by traders. As a reason, when inflation rises, so does the desire for gold, and conversely.

#2 Globalization

Any change in the global gold price impacts the yellow rock's price in India. This happens due to the reality that India strikes as one of the biggest buyers of gold, and as a result when import prices fluctuate due to global price fluctuations, the same mirrors in commodity prices at home.

#3 Gold Reserves of The Government

Most large countries' central banks keep both money and bullion. The Reserve Bank of India and the Federal Reserve of the United States are notable examples of this. The value of gold rises as large nations' central banks begin to retain national assets and purchase more bullion. It is because the industry's cash flow has risen while the supply of resources has decreased.

#4 The Jewelry Industry

Gold jewelry is trendy among Indians. Gold prices rise throughout the festival season, including during holidays like Diwali, as a result of the increased customer demands. In addition, prices rise as a result of the requirement imbalance.

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Gold is in high demand for many reasons other than just jewelry. Numerous mobile firms employ modest amounts of metal in equipment production, including televisions, computers, and GPS systems.

#5 Trends in Interest Rates

Monetary policies on financial products are inextricably linked to price increases. For example, recent gold prices often predict a nation's interest rate prospects. This is because consumers usually sell gold to obtain cash when interest rates rise, resulting in a decrease in gold rates due to increasing availability.

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Reasons For Increase in Gold Price In 2020

Let’s look at some of the reasons for the increase in gold price:

Liquidity Is Abundant

According to the RBI, borrowers can get a debt repayment moratorium till August 31, 2022. In addition, the government announced a slew of economic stimulus initiatives to inject money into the markets.

Gold Mining Is Being Reduced

The demand and supply relationship is the most crucial element that influences gold prices. While demand grew, several countries severely hampered gold mining operations by lockdowns. Therefore, decreased gold mining equals less supply, which could cause a rise in gold prices.

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The Rate of Exchange

Since the lockout, the Indian rupee has plummeted. It is now trading at 75 cents per dollar versus the US currency. Because India is the world's second-largest gold consumer, currency swings affect gold prices.

The Price of Gold Has Risen Globally

The international price of gold impacts the price of gold in India. Increased US-China tensions, and global economic shutdowns, have resulted in a steady rise in the price of gold from around the world in recent weeks.

Will Gold Rate Decrease in Coming Days?

Gold prices may fall in the following quarters with a decreased inflation rate. As a result, in keeping with the global trend, Indian gold rates may fall in the following quarters, possibly as early as 2022. However, gold seems to be an incredibly volatile market that a variety of factors influence. Thus, all of these are forecasts. Some experts have already predicted that gold prices will fall to about $1600 per ounce this year in international markets.

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Gold Price Forecast For 2022 And Beyond

The Comex gold futures rose 0.20 percent to $1803.7/oz at the time of the last trade. Comex gold futures finished at $1800.1/oz the day before. The spot gold price increased by 0.28 percent and was reported at $1807.4/oz at the time of the last transaction.

In contrast, the spot market US dollar index was at 96.17. In India, the MCX gold in February futures, quoted at Rs. 47,832/10 grams increased moderately by 0.24 percent until last traded, following the international spot gold prices.

Gold - A Safe Haven?

Gold, a prominent feature of Indian marriage ceremonies, has long been utilized as an inflation hedge and a safe haven for traders during times of uncertainty. When financial markets, property investments, and securities all fall in value worldwide, buyers resort to gold as a safe haven for their money.

The decrease in the value of other investment vehicles, and global uncertainty in the aftermath of Covid-19, aided gold's ascent to a new high. The reality that gold growth has been relatively constant over time – growing by about 1.6 percent per year for the last 20 years – is a crucial element in this solid performance.

On the other hand, you can generate Fiat money in endless amounts to support monetary policy, as Quantitative Easing (QE) policies evidenced to implement following the financial crisis. Gold has long been used as an asset, a backup asset, and decoration because it is highly liquid, no one's responsibility has no default risk, and is rare, retaining its worth through time.


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